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Pharmacological Intervention – Supplements

Dr. Jane Bischoff, PharmD, BCPP The North Dakota Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program is proud to present Dr. Jane Bischoff, PharmD, BCPP, for this week’s Pediatric Mental Health Tele ECHO clinic. Dr. Jane Bischoff will be discussing Pharmacological Intervention-Supplements.

Please plan to join us for an engaging conversation with Dr. Jane Bischoff, a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist, who has been asked to present on pediatric pharmacological interventions. She has designed a wonderful presentation that captures topics frequently discussed with pediatric providers in every setting, i.e. inpatient, outpatient, and everything in between. Listen in and learn about the role of pediatric supplements, the latest treatment guidelines for pediatric depression, anxiety, and ADHD followed by a case presentation.

Please share this message broadly with your network! We are all well aware of the behavioral healthcare needs of our youth at this time. Let us come together and learn again how to help them!


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