- Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program -

Our Services

Peer Consultation

Collaborating child and adolescent psychiatrists are available for various behavioral health questions, including screening and diagnosis, medication management, and treatment planning. North Dakota PMHCA cannot provide emergency or crisis response care to patients or offer child and adolescent psychiatrists appointments. Consultation is also available with pediatric therapists, neuropsychologists, and licensed addiction counselors.

Are you looking for pediatric mental health services in North Dakota? Explore our service finder, which offers free, confidential services in North Dakota and parts of Minnesota.

Care Coordination

Family Voices is our partnering agency providing care coordination for consultations and referrals to behavioral health providers in the patient’s home community or by telehealth. Family Voices care coordination offers a host of services connecting youth and their families to many needed services throughout the state.

Training & Educational Opportunities

Project ECHO aims to increase workforce capacity by sharing knowledge. Project ECHO does not provide direct patient care. It does, however, provide healthcare professionals in the primary care section with expertise and support to care for their patients’ complex behavioral healthcare needs. It also increases access to behavioral healthcare in or near the patient’s home community.

The Project ECHO sessions include a brief didactic overview, a Q&A, and a case presentation to aid in the learning loop experience. The project ECHO session topics are generated from ongoing survey feedback from ECHO and Symposium attendees.

Additional topics were added as guidance for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Attendees can earn one free CME by attending and completing the pre/post-test assessments.

Annual Symposiums

This event will share information relevant to integrated behavioral healthcare and pediatric mental health needs.

Direct Client Consultation

This service is only available to enrolled providers.

Direct client consultation for patients and families needing diagnostic clarification or treatment recommendations.